Ipsy Glam Bag July & August

Yes, you see what I’m doing here. I’m simply trying to justify the fact that I forgot (was way too busy)  to post last months Ipsy Review. It’s ok, no one will be physically or emotionally affected by this I’m sure. So here it is all my makeup lovers, Ipsy July & August wrapped into one little post. 

*** These are my own opinions and personal thoughts. I do not work for Ipsy nor do I receive any type of commission or products for my review***
I always like to drop a little line on what Ipsy is and how you can get it mailed to your door monthly for 10.00 $ a month. When you subscribe to Ipsy every month you will receive a makeup bag (doesn’t have to be used for makeup) and 5 sample size items of pure fun! I love Ipsy! I genuinely look forward to it showing up in my mailbox every month! What women or man (for that matter) doesn’t love getting presents? 

Tarte Deep Dive Cleansing Gel- I actually just started using Tarte products when I discovered their eyeshadow pallets. Now that I know they have so much more to offer the world of makeup I think I will go to my local Sephora to check out what else they have to offer. This face wash is really light and smells great! I used the tiny sample size all up last month but I did like it. It left my skin feeling super soft all day! 

111SKIN BRIGHT EYE LIFT GEL- I have the darkest circles under my eyes! This sample size product did lighten them and made putting my concealer over the top of this gel a breeze. 

OFRA Gold Rush Eye Shadow- This would be my 3rd time getting an OFRA eyeshadow from Ipsy. It’s beautiful and very pigmented. If your into Gold colored eyeshadow than you must give this one a try! 

Illuminator eyeshadow brush- perfect shadow brush. The brush is a little larger than what I am used to using to apply my shadow but I still found a home for it in my carry on makeup bag.

treStique mini concealer crayon- and this is just that! It’s a mini concealer stick that works well and it’s my favorite pick out of the July Ipsy bag. Not only does it do as promised (conceals) it is a very lightweight concealer that lasts (part of the day) but honestly I’ve spent way more money on makeup that didn’t last half as long! 

Moving right along….

It’s August already, holy shit! Where does the time go and why does it go so fast?
For any of you that subscribe to Ipsy you know that when you opened up your mailbox this month something was very different! That hot pink bag that always arrives wasn’t hot pink. It was Gold! So, of course, I yanked that sucker right out and opened it and it was different alright. This month was packed with all sorts of goodies!

This was my favorite glam bag ever! 

This month’s entire bag had awesome items. I’m very excited to share with you my thoughts on this month’s picks. Before I begin with that I have to tell on myself. As I’m looking around making sure that I am gathering the correct bags to do this post I realized something… I never did my June Ipsy Post either! What in the hell have I been doing for the last two months?! I am so ashamed of myself. For all that follow along (or were following along) I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is something that I am working on and currently writing a post on as well. 

The big hype in this months glam bag….

Gavee Heart Of Gold Elixir – I am going to be completely honest with you. I’m impressed, it’s so smooth and silky and smells amazing. A little goes a long way too. It’s priced at 24.95 so this is something they are going to be selling I’m sure. I’ve seen similar products in the mall starting at 200.00$ if this is something you’re into, check out Ipsy’s website here

Steve Laurent precision tip liner black- I’m in love! These are the only liquid eyeliners that I can use. I guess it’s the precision tip but it makes it harder to make mistakes. I have a hard time applying liquid eyeliner. I almost gave up on it all together until I tried this one. Honest truth! It puts a nice thin, dark line every single time. Not to mention that it comes in an adorable rose gold tube. 

Paula Dorf universal brow pencil- I’m digging this Taupe colored brow pencil. It’s a little light for my hair color at the moment but that’s ok. I’ll be pulling this bad boy right back out next summer when I lighten my hair. 

HIKARI Shimmer Bronzer Flush- Huge fan of these little-tri-colored blush/bronzers! They come in handy on a blah day. Keep them in your purse with a little kabuki brush and you’ll always look stunning! 

The Balm Voyage eyeshadow vol. ll- willkommen (I’m thinking that’s the color) it doesn’t specify but it’s a little darker of a brown than I would normally buy. The coolest thing about Ipsy is that “I do” get things that I would never buy and love them! 

** Remember when you order from Ipsy you fill out a profile that helps them decide what they will send you every month. No two people glam bags are the same. That’s my experience whenever I check out my friends glam bag!