September Planner Layout + 3 Free Halloween Downloads!


I’m super excited about the next few months ahead. We have Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then my most favorite one of all….. Christmas! But let me slow down and back up a bit. This is my monthly planner post so I will share everything else at the end, including my “free” Halloween downloads made by yours truly.

This month I designed and printed my own planner stickers for my layout. You can see, I have so much to learn but hey, it was literally my first time doing this. Down below is a photo of my stickers pulled up on  Cricut’s Design Space.


Things you will need:

  1. Ruler
  2. Cutting Machine, Cricut or Cameo
  3. Printer
  4. Matte Sticker Paper (worked the best for me)
  5. Imagination

Grab your ruler and measure all of the boxes that you want to make the stickers for. Remember, you have a lot of different box sizes  (if you’re doing the entire layout) so write them all down so you can keep going back and forth for a reference. This was the link that I used to help with my dimensions for my happy planner —> happy planner dimensions Amber gives such a detailed example that so check out her website!


These Fall patterns are so pretty!

It was so much fun making these that I had to share. This was just an idea of how I decorated for September. I’m going to be honest with everyone. I couldn’t stop making designs with my Halloween elements so there’s really not much to show for my September planner layout. I do have something else to share though. I’ve been making SVG’s for the Fall and I wanted to share those with anyone who was interested. I will have the link below this post.


Free Halloween Digital Downloads!  Hope You Enjoy!